About Us

Welcome to 21Senses Inc., where we are passionate about Sensing Technologies. Our mission is to create innovative, efficient, and secure environments with intelligent sensing to maximize the life of your infrastructure and safeguard humans.

We offer a range of solutions to support the green hydrogen supply chain and various applications of other forms of Hydrogen. We believe in creating a sustainable future, and our hydrogen sensing solutions are a step in that direction. Our team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology to detect the smallest molecule on earth, and we take pride in taking it to the next level with our solid-state and MEMS solutions.

Our multi-gas sensing technology enables you to detect multiple gases simultaneously. As a result, we can cater to many applications related to safety and compliance and aid production optimization in many industrial and environmental applications. Furthermore, the baseline gas sensing technology can be expanded to leverage other sensing mechanisms to achieve the desired end goal.

We understand that every project has unique requirements, and we also offer custom gas sensing designs to meet project-specific needs. Our award-winning team of designers, engineers, researchers, and scientists works closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions.

At 21Senses Inc., we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution beyond sensing technologies. We are building a state-of-the-art platform to collect data from IoT-enabled sensors and other devices to analyze, predict, and protect your asset and its performance.


Why Industry Leaders Choose 21 Senses

Innovative Sensing, Simplified

Staying ahead of the curve is second nature to us. Our team combines innovation with over two decades of experience to build solutions that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Because protecting your workers, plants, and equipment is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Globally-Recognized, Award-Winning Team

We are innovators united in our goal to make cutting-edge sensing a reality for all. Our world-renowned team of applied materials scientists, engineers, and domain experts create solutions that are the gold standard for hydrogen and multi-gas sensing.

Deep Industry Expertise

Our domain expertise allows us to anticipate and innovate to meet the evolving needs of the sensing ecosystem. Additionally, we possess the know-have capability to build custom engineering and software sensing solutions; however unique your requirements may be.

Collaborative Approach

With 21 Senses, you gain an experienced partner committed to your success. We work collaboratively with your teams to surface unidentified gaps, spot new opportunities and help you reach your highest potential.

Results-Driven, Customer-First Culture

Most sensing companies offer cookie-cutter solutions that overlook your specific needs. Instead, we take full accountability for your sensing requirements - from concept, delivery, and maintenance.

End-to-End Solutions

From leakage detection and purity measurement to delivering actionable insights, our full suite of solutions provides the safety and intelligence you need to leak the pack.

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