Solution Overview

Hydrogen cooling is a cutting-edge technology in large power generators, such as nuclear and gas-fired power plants. Hydrogen has highly efficient cooling properties and removes the heat generated by the electrical current in the generator, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring efficient electricity generation.

Our Sensing solution can help monitor leakages and measure hydrogen purity in the most critical areas of need. Our selective solid-state Hydrogen sensor and MEMS nanochip can function even in the most hazardous areas and pose zero risk

The 21 Senses Advantage
  • Solving your most critical hydrogen sensing needs cost-effectively for the Generator Floor, Storage rooms, Dying Units, Gas Exchange Skids, and other areas
  • Built to withstand high levels of hydrogen exposure
      1. 1PPM – >50,0000 PPM
      MEMS – 100% hydrogen exposure
  • Flawless operations in both low and high-temperature conditions
      1. Solid State – Up to 65°C
      MEMS Sensor – Upto 200°C
  • Strong product roadmap to detect multiple gases simultaneously in real-time

Keeping your power on and people safe!

Your safety is our top priority. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you prioritize safety and success.

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Top Challenges

  • 1Most sensors today fail when exposed to high levels of hydrogen
  • 2Lack of a solution that provides real-time purity analysis of hydrogen, causing inefficiencies in electricity production
  • 3Lack of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for hydrogen safety in all areas of the power plant
  • 4Lack of 24X7 Smart On-line monitoring of Oil-Colled Transformers
  • 5Most sensors today fail or require constant recalibration in environments with high hydrogen and contaminants.
  • 6Lack of an IoT platform that allows for quick visualization and predictive analysis with actionable insights
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