Powering the Future with Intelligent Sensing Solutions

Get unmatched precision, safety, and efficiency for your operations with our array of gas-sensing solutions.

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Industry Leaders Rely on 21Senses


Predict. Protect. Optimize.
Faster Than Ever Before.

At 21Senses, we are led by one goal: to make next-gen gas sensing accessible to the world.

We deliver specialized solutions tailored to your industry's unique needs. From purpose-made innovations to custom-engineered applications that offer unrivaled precision, intelligence, and durability.

End-to-End Hydrogen Sensing

Maximize safety and performance across your hydrogen value chain with our one-stop platform.We unify hardware software and predictive intelligence into a single solution.

Omni-Gas Nanochip Sensing

Simultaneously detect multiple gases in mere microseconds in the parts per billion range with our programmable MEMS chip - one of the smallest and most advanced in the world.

Custom Sensing Solutions

Our award-winning team comes with the experience and expertise to tackle your most complex sensing challenges. We take a consultative approach, working closely with you to develop solutions tailored to your needs.

IoT-Enabled Predictive Platform

Make quick data-informed decisions with our IoT platform.We bring you real-time information from across applications,unified and standardized at the chip level for maximum efficiency.

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21 Senses Blogs, News & Customer Stories

Explore exclusive content on the latest updates, best practices, expert safety advice, success stories, and more - to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of gas sensing with confidence.

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