Solution Overview

We work closely with your safety and operations teams to ensure the most effective placement of sensors for early leak detection.

Our compact sensors can fit into the smallest of spaces, and pinpoint the location of faulty batteries – enabling you to take prompt action to prevent further deterioration.

The 21 Senses Advantage
  • Ultra-compact size fits any room design and simple mechanism covers a broad exposure range
  • Early detection protects battery health and prevents explosions
    1. 1PPM – >50,0000 PPM
  • Low-cost and practical design with an exceptional 5-year warranty period.
  • Fastest response time of less than 200 ms.
  • Our personalized approach ensures strategic sensor placement for the highest performance

Maximize safety in your battery room while minimizing costs.

Upgrade your battery room safety while lowering costs with our high-grade sensing technology, which enables you to extend your battery life. Contact us to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Top Challenges

  • 1Prohibitively high cost of hydrogen sensors makes it difficult to buy the quantity needed for adequate coverage
  • 2Low-level leaks go undetected by most sensors, until hydrogen builds to hazardous levels
  • 3Inadequate ventilation raises the risk of explosion in case of hydrogen leaks
hydrogen sensor battery room
  • 4Bulky sensor size and improper placement fails to solve the key issue of hydrogen leak detection
  • 5Lack of guidance on how to place sensors for the best coverage with maximum ROI.
  • 6Damaged sensors due to hydrogen over-exposure cause false alarms, disrupting operations and productivity.
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