Solution Overview

Our sensors use predictive intelligence to identify potential transformer health issues, allowing you to take corrective action to avert mishaps and avoid power disruptions for your end users. We do this by detecting the hydrogen released from deteriorating transformer oil due to incipient faults.

With our solutions, you can monitor the health and performance of each transformer individually. We also can share aggregate data of asset performance, load, and capacity differential at the city, zone, or cluster level.

The 21 Senses Advantage
  • Solving your most critical needs at a minimal cost
  • Real-time transformer health monitoring with selective hydrogen sensors at the click of a button
  • Predicting and averting transformer blow-ups days in advance
      1PPM – >50,0000 PPM
  • Strong product roadmap to detect multiple gases simultaneously in real-time

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Top Challenges

  • 1Today, highly manual and expensive gas chromatography is used for dissolved gas analysis
  • 2Lack of real-time monitoring causes frequent transformer blow-ups and unplanned downtime
  • 3Need for a solution that gives a complete picture of transformer health and performance
  • 4Need for a sensing solution for on-the-go tracking of transformer-level performance tracking and data aggregation
  • 5Most sensors today fail or require constant recalibration in environments with high hydrogen and contaminants
  • 6Lack of an IoT platform that allows for quick visualization and predictive analysis with actionable insights
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