Solution Overview

Our cutting-edge multi-gas sensing technology for agriculture provides accurate and real-time data on critical gases, such as CO2, O2, Ethylene, or/and other air pollutants, to help growers optimize crop growth, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the safety of their workers.

Our greenhouse environmental and liquid monitoring solution allows growers to optimize growing conditions, reduce the risk of crop loss, and achieve higher yields and improved crop quality. With advanced technology, customizable options, and easy-to-use interfaces, our sensors are the key to smart and efficient agriculture.

The 21 Senses Advantage
  • Proven experience in collaborating on Agri Space
  • Technology partnerships with real-time co-pilot solutions
  • Affordable Multi-gas sensing technology with solid roadmap
  • Integrated system providing both environmental and liquid sensing data
  • Customized design per needs of farmers or technology partner

Personalized profit workshop with the 21Senses Profit Professionals

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Top Challenges

  • 1Lack of access to advanced technology due to high cost
  • 2Manual collection of data leading to inaccuracies and inefficiencies
  • 3Lack of real-time data insights on plant and overall environmental health
  • 4Tracking and controlling necessary gases to optimize plat growth
  • 5Recording environmental impact - both positive and negative
  • 6Lack of an IoT platform that allows for quick visualization and predictive analysis with actionable insights
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