Why Become a 21Senses Partner?

At 21Senses, we are creating an ecosystem of trusted technology alliance partners, system integrators, and industry advisors on a joint mission to make industries more efficient, secure, and smarter with intelligent sensing. Together, we are bringing a disruptive new approach to solve today’s rapidly-evolving sensing challenges.

By joining our partner program, you open up a world of opportunities for your business.

Technology Alliance Partners
Power Your Solutions With Cutting-Edge Sensing Capabilities

Whether you are a startup with a bright new idea or an established global business looking to expand, we collaborate with you to unlock your fullest potential.

  • Harness multi-gas sensing for applications specific to your industry
  • Create solutions tailored to your customer or industry needs
  • Collaborate with award-winning experts to win more clients
  • Develop a robust go-to-market strategy with confidence
Consulting & Global Systems Integrators
Conquer Complex Client Needs With Award-Winning Expertise

From co-creating applications to building end-to-end capabilities, our award-winning solutions and expertise help you conquer new markets, drive growth, and deliver an exceptional client experience.

  • Provide best-in-class sensing capabilities with measurable ROI
  • Leverage off-the-shelf solutions or co-create purpose-built application
  • Joint strategic engagements to address any and all client requirements
  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of renowned sensing experts
Value Added Resellers & Distributors
Outshine the Market With End-to-End Sensing Solutions

As a innovator and disrupter in sensing technology, we bring world-class products and unmatched value to our VAR’s and Distributors. Our full suite of solutions and expertise helps you boost growth and solve your client’s most complex challenges.

  • Expand your portfolio with market-leading sensing hardware and applications
  • Benefit from our focus on simplified design, quality, and customer experience.
  • Develop a robust go-to-market strategy jointly
  • Partner with award-winning experts to serve any client need with confidence
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