Solution Overview

We harness dual gas-sensing technologies to significantly prolong the life of your electrolyzers and minimize downtime with early detection and purity monitoring.

Our selective solid-state Hydrogen sensor and MEMS nanochip can function even in the most hazardous areas and pose zero risk of fire hazard. They are configurable, easy to calibrate, and allow for optimal placement.

The 21 Senses Advantage
  • We excel in high-moisture and high-temperature conditions
    1. Solid State: Up to 65C
    2. MEMS Sensor: Up to 200C
  • Our products function flawlessly even in 100% pure hydrogen
    1. Solid State: 1PPM – >50,0000 PPM
    2. MEMS Sensor: Up to 100% pure hydrogen
  • Fastest leak detection in less than 200 ms
  • Reliable performance in both hydrogen and oxygen chambers
    1. MEMS Sensor: Up to 100% pure hydrogen
  • Custom solutions that can be programmed or engineered to fit your design needs

Your success is our priority

Ready to maximize the safety and efficiency of your Electrolyzers? Let's start the conversation today! Contact us to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Top Challenges

  • 1Most sensors get damaged in high-moisture conditions, requiring constant recalibration
  • 2High heat in the electrolyzer module requires gases to be cooled before detection
  • 3Most sensors today fail when exposed to high levels of hydrogen
  • 4Other sensors available cannot endure the harsh conditions inside electrolyzers
  • 5Lack of on-chip intelligence makes it difficult to execute shutdown protocols and alarming logic
  • 6Low availability of sensors due to supply chain bottlenecks
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